Who will be the best centre-back in Manchester United? – Van Gaal

Who will be the best centre-back in Manchester United? – Van Gaal’s team needs to strengthen its defence

The Red Devils have been in a crisis for a long time, and it is now clear that they need to strengthen their defence.

In order to do this, they need:
1. New players, who can replace the ones who have left the team.
2. New leaders, who will help the team to win the championship.
3. New tactics, which will help to achieve the desired result.
The first two points of the season are already evidence that Manchester United is in a good shape, and the team is ready to fight for the title.
However, the team needs time to get used to the new situation, and this is why they will need to play with a different lineup for the next season.
In the meantime, the Red Devils will be able to demonstrate their maximum in the Premier League, and they will have a chance to win gold medals.
Who will replace the injured Wayne Rooney?
The Manchester United players are in a difficult situation, because they have to choose between Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial.
This decision has been taken by the team, because it is obvious that the Portuguese player is the most important for the team at the moment.
He is the leader of the attack, and he is the main one who can decide the fate of the match.
Despite the fact that the Red devils have a good lineup, they can not count on the success of the current season. The team needs a lot of changes, because Rooney is not the only player who can help the club to win a lot.
Thus, the players will have to find a solution to the problem, because the situation is critical.
Will the Red Devil’s lineup be able?
Now, the situation in the team looks quite simple, because there is no obvious leader.
It is obvious, because in the previous season, the Portuguese was the leader, and his absence was felt by the whole team. It is also worth noting that the team had a good start, and now it is ready for the fight.
Of course, the main thing for the Red team is to win all the matches, but the players have a lot to prove, because this season they will be in a tough fight against Manchester United.
They will have the opportunity to do it, because at the end of the championship, the club will have won the title for the first time in a long period.
Follow the development of the events on the sports statistics website
The season of the English Premier League has come to its end, and already in the last rounds, it became clear that the fight for gold medals is very difficult.
Now it is much easier to follow the events, because now it’s much easier and more convenient to follow all the news on the website of sports statistics.
Among the most interesting events of the last season, there are:
* Manchester United’ failure in the Champions League;
* The departure of Jose Mourinho from the club;
* The transfer of Rashford from Arsenal;
* The failure of the Red’’ to win any trophy.
All these events can be followed on the platform of sports statistical website.
Manchester United in the fight against Liverpool in the EPL
The previous season of English Premier league was quite successful for Manchester United, and in the current campaign, the fans will be waiting for the victory over Liverpool.
At the moment, the Reds are the main favorites of the fight with the Red and Blue, and their main goal is to get into the Champions league zone.
During the season, it was clear that Manchester united had a lot more problems than the Liverpool, and there was no doubt that the final match of the campaign will be very difficult for the club.
So, the first matches of the new season were quite successful, and Manchester United will have an important role in the final confrontation.
What is the reason of the failure of Manchester United in Champions League?
In previous seasons, the Champions’ League was a real test for the teams, because their main task was to get to the next stage of the tournament, where they would be able not only to get a ticket to the main tournament, but also to qualify for the main club tournament.
But in the new year, the teams failed to achieve this goal, because even if they managed to get through the group stage, they still had to play against the teams from the lower divisions.
That is why the final matches of previous season were not so successful for the clubs.
For example, in the match against Napoli, the Manchester United lost 0:3, but it was not the end. The players had a chance for a comeback, but they failed.
As a result, the final result of the game was a draw.
Also, in this match, the United had a very good chance to get out of the group, but in the end, the coach of the team was not able to do so.
Therefore, it is clear that this season the Champions’ League is a real problem for the Manchester united, and if they fail in the group stages, then they will not be able even to get in the playoffs.

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