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The summer transfer window has come to an end and we can now see the results of the new season. The main transfer news is the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus. The Portuguese has become the best player in the world, and the club is now trying to get him back to the level he was at the end of his career.
The club has already managed to sign the player from Real Madrid, but it is still not known how long the transfer will last, so the club will have to wait for the summer.
In the meantime, the club has signed the following players:
* Alisson;
* De Bruyne;
* Aubameyang.

The first of them was already known to the fans, and it is the second who is already in the team. The club is trying to solve the problem of the lack of speed in the attack, and they are trying to find a solution to this problem.
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The transfer of Cristian Ronaldo from the Juventus to Real Madrid was a real success for the club. The player has become a great sensation, and he is now the best scorer in the history of the Champions League.
This summer, the Royal Club has signed a number of players, among which are:
1. De Bruin. The Belgian is a young player who is ready to play in the Real Madrid lineup. He has already scored several goals for the team, and now he is trying his luck in the Champions league.
2. Alisson. The young player from the Netherlands is a good defender, who can also play in midfield.
3. Aubamey. The Frenchman is a very good midfielder, who is able to play on the left or on the right.
4. Lewandowski. The Pole is a player who can be used in the attacking line, as well as in the defense.
5. Ramos. The Spaniard is a strong and versatile player who has already shown himself in the international arena.
6. Simeone. The Argentinean is a talented striker, who has managed to score several goals in the domestic arena. He is a serious contender for the Golden Boot.
7. Llorente. The Spanish player is a versatile player, who also has a good game in the defensive line.
8. Pogba. The French player is an excellent goalkeeper, who managed to get into the starting lineup.
9. Modric. The Croatian is a striker, and his main task is to score goals.
10. Sane. The Algerian is a promising young player, and we are waiting for his debut.
11. Cavani. The Italian player is also a striker.
12. Vidal. The Chilean player is another striker, but he is not the best of them.
13. Alonso. The Spain player is the best goalkeeper in the Spanish championship.
14. Semedo. The German player is one of the best defenders in the EPL.
15. Kante. The English player is not a good player, but his game is good enough for Real Madrid.
16. Ramos.
17. Ramos is a specialist in the air, who scores a lot of goals. He can be called a “bridge” between the forwards and the defense, because he can play in both positions.
18. Soria. The Brazilian player is very good at the defensive side of the field, and can also be called an “outfielder”.
19. Sime. The Argentinian is a ‘goal scorer’, who plays in the middle of the attack.
20. Alisson is a newcomer to the Real lineup, but the club already knows his game.
21. De Bruyn.
22. Aubamein.
23. Lewandowski is a new player for the Royal club, but we already know his game, as he scored several times in the English Premier league. He also managed to become the top scorer of the championship of Poland.
24. Sissoko. The Moroccan player is already a good goalkeeper, and will soon get into a starting lineup for the Spanish team.
25. Lletget. The Danish player is in the starting line up for the first team of the French championship. He managed to play for the national team for several years, and is now ready to prove himself in Spain.
26. De Jong. The Dutch player is still a young goalkeeper, but already he is a great player. He scored several important goals for Ajax, and has already become a good substitute for the main goalkeeper.
27. Van Persie. The Manchester United player is able not only to score, but also to pass the ball.
28. Sessegnon. The Chelsea player is ready for the starting position, and already managed several goals. His game is very strong, and you can see it in the video.
29. Lingard. The Arsenal player is now in the first line up of the English championship. His goal is to become a top scorer.

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