Manchester United want to beat Barcelona!

Manchester United have been one of the main contenders for the title for the last few seasons. The Red Devils have a great squad, which can be strengthened at any time. The team has always been able to surprise the world with its results.
The current season has brought some unexpected results for the team. It seems that the previous season, the team was not able to win the Champions League, but the current season is a real turning point for the club.
In the current campaign, the Red Devils are not in the best shape. The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of the long and difficult tournament distance. The club is not in a good shape, and it is obvious that the situation will only get worse in the near future.
However, the main problem for the Red devils is the fact that they are not able yet to find the right partners for the attack. The defense of the club is also not in its best shape, which is another reason for the failure of the current Champions League campaign.

The main goal of the management of the Red Devil is to get into the Champions league, which will allow the team to show its best game. The current season of the Champions is very important for Manchester United, because it will help the club to get a place in the top 4 of the English Premier League.
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Latest results of Manchester United
The Red Devils started the current championship very confidently. The first matches of the season showed that the team has a good chance to win gold medals. The previous season the team did not manage to win any of the tournaments it entered.
Despite the fact, that the club was not in such a good mood, the players managed to show a good game. In the current tournament, the club managed to get to the semifinals, which was a real surprise for the fans.
Of course, the fans were not happy with the fact the team lost the match against Liverpool. However, the defeat was not the end of the tournament for the United. The fans were able to see the following results of their team:
1. Great teamwork.
2. Great individual skills.
3. Good results in the domestic arena.
4. Good performance in the Champions tournament.
5. Progress in the Europa League.
It is obvious now that the management is confident enough to repeat the Champions title. However the main goal for the management now is to enter the ChampionsLeague.
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The management of Manchester united is trying to improve the results in all the tournaments in which the team participates. The results of this season are very important to the club, because the team needs to enter in the next season in the elite division of the Premier League, where it will have to fight for the champion title.
Now, the management has a lot of tasks on its hands. It is clear that the next year will be very difficult for the red devils, because they need to strengthen the attack and get into a good form.
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Live score of the matches of Manchester City
The season of English Premier league has come to its end, and the results are not very encouraging for the main favorites of the championship. The last rounds of the competition have shown that the Citizens are not the team that can be considered as a real contender for the gold medals, because this year the team played against a lot weaker opponents.
This fact is a clear sign that the season is over for the Citizens, because at the end they did not show the desired results. The most obvious reason for this is the poor selection of players in the lineup. The City has a very good squad, but it is not enough to compete with the strongest clubs in the world.
If the team fails to win a place at the Championsleague, it will be extremely difficult for it to get back into the top-4 of the EPL.
City’s prospects of entering the top4 of EPL
The previous season of EFL Cup was very successful for the City. The Citizens managed to win all the matches they played. However this time, the season ended in the group stage.
At the end, the City was not a real favorite of the whole tournament. The problem was not only the fact it was not at the top of the standings, but also the fact there were not many clear favorites.
Many people expected the Citizens to get through to the playoffs, but they did it with a small number of points. This is another evidence that the City is not a serious contender for gold medals this season.
There is a chance that the future of the Citizens will change. The management of this club is trying hard to improve its results, and this is why the City has been able in the last rounds to get some good results. This summer, the Citizens have signed a number of players who will help them to get closer to the top teams.
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