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The Italian Serie A is in a crisis, and it’s not just the failure of Juventus. The team is in the middle of a crisis too, and the situation is getting worse by the day.
The latest news from the Serie A table is that Inter is in an even worse situation. The club is at the bottom of the table, and is not even in the Champions League zone.
However, there is still hope for the team. The situation is not that bad, but it”s not enough to fight for the title.
In the current season, the team has a lot of problems. The main one is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing for the club that is in such a bad shape.
It’ll be very difficult for the Inter to fight against the leaders, and even the outsiders of the championship.

The team is also in a bad way in the domestic arena. The Inter is not in a position to compete with the leaders of the Italian championship, and that’ s why the fans are losing patience.
This season, Inter is going to fight with Juventus and Napoli for the places in the top-4 of the standings. However, the situation in the Italian SerieA is getting out of control, so the team is not able to compete for the victory in the long run.
What are the Inter’ problems?
The main problem of the team in the current campaign is the fact that the players are not motivated. The problem is so serious that even the leaders are not able not to give their all to the team, and this is reflected in the results of the club.
There is a real lack of fight in the team and the players have no confidence in themselves. This is reflected by the fact the Inter is at a disadvantage in the table.
Despite the fact Inter is still in the upper part of the SerieA, the club is not at the level of its competitors. This fact is not surprising, because the team hasn’t been playing for a long time.
Moreover, the players haven’ t been playing in the best teams of the world. This problem is even more serious in the international arena, where the team doesn’ “t have a good game.
After the defeat in the first round of the Champions Cup, the fans of the Inter are not very happy with the club’ performance.
“It”ll be difficult to fight”
However it“s not the end of the line for the Italian team. There are still a lot to be done, and there are still some matches left.
If the team manages to get into the top 4, then it will be able to fight in all the tournaments that it participates in.
Inter’ situation in Serie A
The situation in Inter is really bad, and if you look at the table of the results, it‘s clear that the team will not be able not only to fight, but also to win.
Of course, the main problem is the failure in the transfer market, but there are other problems too.
For example, the lack in motivation of the players. The lack of confidence is reflected not only in the result of the matches, but in the livescore too. This lack of performance is obvious, and many fans are not happy with it.
Another problem of Inter is the bad shape of the squad. The previous season, it was really good, but this time it‚s not so.
Many of the leaders have already left the club, and now it›s impossible to find a replacement for them.
Now, the only thing that the club can do is to try to get out of the crisis, because there is no doubt that the situation will get worse.
How bad is the situation for Inter?
Despite all the problems, the Italian club is still able to win the championship, because it has a good squad.
As for the results in the Serie a, it can be said that the current situation of the teams is really difficult.
One of the main problems of the current Serie A season is the poor form of Juventus, which is in fact the main rival of Inter.
Juventus is in good shape, but the situation with the Inter has worsened, because now the team isn’’t in the same class as its rivals.
At the same time, the failure to qualify for the Champions league is also a problem.
All the problems of Juventus are reflected in their results, and they are not in the mood to fight.
That’ the situation of Juventus is really serious can be seen from the fact there is a lack of interest in the matches of the Turin club. The fans are tired, and are not interested in the game of the outsiders.
Also, the results are not good for the Bianconeri. The failure in Serie a is really obvious, because they are in the bottom half of the league.
They are not even able to get to the playoffs, and their fans are very disappointed.
You can follow the situation at Juventus in the website of sports statistics.

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