How many UCL titles will the Special One win with United?

The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the main transfer news of the new season is the transfer of David De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper has been in Manchester United for a few years now, but his contract has not been renewed.
In the last season, De Geas performance was not the best, and he was not able to save the team from relegation. The team had a good start, but in the middle of the season, the team was not at its best.
The previous season, Manchester United lost to Chelsea in the EPL final. The previous season was a failure for the Red Devils, so it is quite possible that the team will repeat the same mistakes this time.
One of the main reasons for the failure of the team is the lack of motivation. The club has a long bench, so the team has no time to rest, which leads to the fact that the players are not in the best shape.
However, the goalkeeper of the club, David DeGea, has not lost his cool and has not shown any sign of fatigue. He has been playing for the team for a long time, and it is not easy to find a goalkeeper who is as good as him.

The goalkeeper has already managed to save a number of important matches of the United team, so he is a key player of the Red Devil. He is a good goalkeeper, who can also play in the defensive line.
Will De Geaclassics of the Spanish goalkeeper be enough for the club to win the title once again?
In order to find out the answer to this question, it is necessary to look at the results of the previous seasons of the Champions League.
This season, Madrid Real Madrid has a good chance to win, but the main obstacle for the Spanish team is Manchester United. The Red Devils have a good bench, but De Geacs performance has not always been the best. The goalkeeper has managed to make a number off saves, but he has not managed to get the best result in every single match.
It is quite likely that the club will lose the Champions league, so De Geacaustralia will not be able to repeat the success of the last time, when the club won the tournament.
Who will win the EFL Cup this season?
This year, the Efl Cup is going to be held in the United Kingdom. The main contenders for the title are:
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester City.
All of them have a long list of players who can be considered as the main favorites for the tournament, so we should not be surprised if the Epl Cup is won by one of them.
Liverpool is the main contender for the Eft Cup, but it is clear that the Merseysiders will not win the cup. The Merseysides are a young team, which is not able yet to show the best results.
Chelsea is also a young club, and its main competitor is Manchester City, who has a very good squad. The Citizens have a number in the range of 30-35 players, which can be used in different combinations.
So, who will win?
It all depends on the individual skills of the players of the teams. In the current season, Liverpool is a bit behind the others, but if the team manages to win a number, it will be able not only to win gold medals, but also to win trophies.
What are the main goals of the Eredivisie this season and how will it change the face of the Dutch football?
One year ago, the Dutch Eredevisie was considered to be a failure, so this season the team of Ajax will try to change this. The Dutch national team is also in good shape, and this is another reason for the success.
Ajax has a number for the players in the region of 30, which allows them to play in different formations. The Ajax players are able to show their best game in each of these formations.
For example, the Ajax players can play as a 4-4-2, or they can play in a 4th line, where they are able not to get tired and can show their maximum.
There are a number tournaments, where Ajax can play, and they are: the Champions Cup, the Europa League, the League Cup. The players of Ajax have a great opportunity to show themselves and win trophies, and for this, they need to win in the domestic arena.
Where can you watch the matches of Ajax?
A number of matches of this team are held in live mode, so you can watch them at any time. The matches of Amsterdam Ajax are held at the Amsterdam Arena, which has a capacity of 10,000 people.
You can watch the games of Ajax at the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the latest information from the world of your favorite sport.
How can you follow the results and the livescore of Ajax matches?
You will be pleased to know that the website offers a wide range of services, which will allow you to follow the livescores of Ajax games.
Among the most popular features of the website are:* live scores;* fixtures;* news;* statistics.

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