Are Barcelona close to agreeing with Rabiot?

Barcelona are close to signing the Portuguese winger, but the club is not yet ready to make a deal. The problem is that the player is not in the best shape, and the club has to pay a high price for him.
The player has already been in the starting lineup of the Catalan club for several years, but he has not been able to establish himself there.
However, the club does not have to pay high money for the player. The player is worth more than €20 million, which is more than the club can pay for him, but it is still not enough to buy him. The club has a long list of players who are worth much more, but they are not in good shape.
Rabiot is the only one who can help the club to solve the problem. The Portuguese player is in great shape and has already shown that he can play in the top-4.
Barça is in a good position to sign the player, but if they do, they will have to do it quickly, otherwise the club will be in a difficult situation. The team needs to buy a new goalkeeper, and they will need to pay the highest price for it.
Will the club buy a striker?
The club is also interested in buying a striker, but for now, they are still not ready to do so. The main problem is the lack of a suitable replacement for Lionel Messi.
In the summer, the Argentinean player left the club, and now the club needs to find a suitable substitute for him in the lineup. The situation is not very good, because the club already has a number of strikers, but none of them has shown that they can play for the club for a long time.
It is very difficult to find the right person, because many of them are not ready for the level of the club. Barcelona is very interested in signing the player from Real Madrid, but there are no guarantees that the club would be able to buy the player in the future.
Who will replace Messi?
One of the main problems of the team is the fact that the number of players on the field is limited. The number of goals scored is also very low, which has a negative effect on the results of the game.
Messi is the main star of the Barcelona team, but many other players are also capable of scoring goals for the team. The lack of substitutes on the pitch also has an effect on results.
Real Madrid is also in a bad situation. They need to find someone to replace Lionel Messi, but at the moment, they do not have a suitable candidate for the job.
If Barcelona does not buy Rabiot, the situation in the club may become even worse, because they need to buy new players, and many of the current ones are not able to perform in the level required.

The main thing is that Barcelona has to find an effective replacement for Messi, and soon they will know who it will be.
Where can fans find the latest news on the team?
Barca fans can follow the team on the website of sports statistics, where they will find all the information about the team and its performance.
This season, the team has a good chance of winning the Spanish championship, and fans can expect a lot of victories in the course of the season.
One thing is clear: the club’s main task is to win the Champions League. This is a very important trophy for the Catalan team, and it is very important to win it. The last time the club won it was in the 1990-91 season. The current coach, Ernesto Valverde, is a great coach, and he has managed to improve the results significantly.
Fans can follow all the news about the club on the sports statistics website, where the information is updated in real time. The information is available both in English and Spanish.
What are the chances of Barcelona to win La Liga?
This year, the main task of the Catalans is to get into the Champions league zone, and if they succeed in this, they can expect to win a lot more trophies.
There are a numberof factors that can help Barcelona to achieve this goal. First of all, the coach of the Spanish team, ErnestoS Valverdes, has a very good squad. The players of the squad are able to play in any of the positions on the football field, which allows the club not to have a number on the line.
Another important factor is the experience of the players. The Catalan team has won the Champions trophy a number, and this is an excellent proof of the level the club and its players are ableto achieve.
Now, the Catalons are in a very strong position, and everything is possible for them. The coach of Barcelona, Ernestos Valverdes, is able to motivate his players, because he knows that if they play well, the results will follow.
Valverde’ssponsors the team’spassion, and his players are ready to play for a win. They are able not only to win, but to win in the Champions cup as well.
You can always follow the results on the site of sports information, where all the data is updated live.
How to follow the Barcelona results on fscore.

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